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The evolution of Lakota social and political structure from pre-contact through the present with maps of the Lakota Nation.
Traditional Lakota tales of the creation of the universe, the earth and the emergence of life and mankind within it.
Lakota traditional spiritual beliefs, rites and ceremonies, past and present
Traditional Lakota folk tales in English and Lakota.
A guide to the Lakota alphabet and pronunciation with streaming audio. An introduction to Lakota rules of grammar, verb lists and dictionaries (English & Deutsch).
Song structure of Plains music, historical diffusion of songs, dances and regalia on the Plains. Lakota songs to listen to and download.
Current events, national news clippings.
The full complete text of Treaties and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
Šung'manitu-tanka, the Great Plains or Buffalo Wolf - The nation of wolves and their unique relationship with the Lakota.

Lakota Society

Maps of the Lakota Nation

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Here you can see exactly where the Lakota nation existed in 1868 by defintion within the Fort Laramie Treaty in April of that year. The areas colored red, blue and yellow were Lakota territory;   the Lakota were to reside within the blue and yellow area; and the red area was defined as unceded Indian territory, forbidden to entry by "whites" and to be held as hunting lands by the Lakota. This map gives you some idea of the vastness of the nation's size and the tribe's loss as the Lakota were illegally interned in the yellow areas in 1890. Illegal in the sense that by stipulations within the treaty, it would remain binding unless voted against by three fourths of the male Lakota population. The treaty has never been subjected to a vote by the Lakota;   the U.S. government systematically by military force seized Lakota territory climaxing with the 29 December 1890 massacre of over 200 unarmed Lakota prisoners at Wounded Knee. The exact number will never be known as the army hurriedly dumped the bodies into a mass grave. This loss of land has become the largest and longest running land dispute in U.S. history;   the U.S. supreme court continually refuses to hear the case, although in 1980 they did hear and rule on the related case of the illegal seizure by the U.S. government of the Paha Sapa, Black Hills, in the favor of the Lakota Nation. The court refused to set events aright by returning title of the land to the Lakota nation, but offered monetary compensation in the amount of 17.5 million dollars which was dismissed by the tribe, as the Paha Sapa, being the center of Lakota culture and spirituality has no price, and is not for sale. The Black Hills remain in U.S. possession, nonetheless.

Lakota Sioux Indian representatives declared sovereign nation status Wednesday, 19 December 2007, in Washington D.C. following Monday’s withdrawal from all previously signed treaties with the United States Government. Go to my Lakota in the News page and to for more information.

Declaration of Continuing Independence by the First International Indian Treaty Council at Standing Rock Indian Country June 1974.

Lakota Unilateral Withdrawal from All Agreements and Treaties with the United States of America, 17 December 2007.

Notice to All Foreign Governments and Private Owners of Real Estate within the Republic of Lakota, 1 January 2008.

Index of Maps

Pine Ridge Reservation, Western Section

Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations, South Dakota

Enhanced Satellite Map of South Dakota

Geological Map of South Dakota

Wounded Knee 1890 Map

Map of Indian Nations of the New World showing the Lakota Nation

Map of the Tribes of the Indian Nation

Map of the Sioux Nation

Map of the Sioux Reservation system, 1868

Map of the Great Sioux Reservation, 1868

Map of Indian Land Cessions, 1784 to Present Day

Map of Early American Indian Linguistic Stocks (West)

Map of Early American Indian Linguistic Stocks (East)

Exploration and Settlements, before 1675, US

Exploration and Settlements, 1675, US

Exploration and Settlements, 1800, US

Exploration and Settlements, 1820, US

Exploration and Settlements, 1835 - 1850, US

Exploration and Settlements, 1850 - 1890, US

Threats to Indian Lands Map

United States Gamblings Map

Map of the 1990 Census National Distribution of Native Americans

Map of the 1990 Census Distribution of Native Americans by State

Topographical Map of the United States


The shrinking of Indian Lands since 1784

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