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Traditional Lakota folk tales in English and Lakota.
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Song structure of Plains music, historical diffusion of songs, dances and regalia on the Plains. Lakota songs to listen to and download.
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Šung'manitu-tanka, the Great Plains or Buffalo Wolf - The nation of wolves and their unique relationship with the Lakota.

The Lakota Language

Lakota Language Computer Software
By Mike Baker of Customized Computer Software

In an attempt to use computer programming skills to benefit the teaching and preservation of the Lakota language and customs;   Mike Baker of Customized Computer Software ( offers the following software programs for free download on this site. His hope is that these software programs will help, in some small way, to teach the children and to preserve Native languages. This is just a start of an ongoing commitment, and he will be adding more free software as the required recordings are available for development. Not only has Mike made this Lakota Language software publically available, you will find software devoted to other Native American languages on his site too!

Key Benefits...

  It's FREE!

  Kids (as well as some adults) enjoy computer teaching methods.

  Computer skills are increased while learning language.

Lakota Language Teaching Software

This Software uses sound files to "speak" the words.

Lakota Speakster V5.0

Quote from (source), "Want to learn simple Lakhota (American Indian) words and phrases? Well folks, we first released this software in 1996: there are many of you still getting use out of the old 16-bit version. Due to many requests to upgrade to a more "modern interface/ version" we just had to oblige - committing the 100's of hours required. This new version doesn't just let you hear/ play the word or phrase but delivers it via an array of flash videos. Includes a massive translation text dictionary as well."

This application "speaks" the Lakota words and phrases by the use of computerized .wav files. It includes translation of over 3300 words from English to Lakota as well as Lakota to English. An option of having a percentage of them "spoken" to you via the click of a button is presented. It includes a collection of early-1900 era photos presented as a screen saver, a fully functional "American Indian themed" web browser that includes "Native American" links.


  • Lakota Word Speakster
  • Lakota Phrase Speakster
  • Lakota / English Translator
  • American Indian screen saver
  • American Indian themed web browser

Lakota Speakster V5.0 is available for download below and is being offered as Freeware. ENJOY!
Min Requirements: OS: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP & Vista, VGA, & sound card to take advantage of the speak feature {'Lakhota' will run w/o sound card- but text only}.

Lakota V1.2

Is a computer software program designed to teach simple Lakota words. The program starts with a main menu to select the word types to be learned. After selecting the specific word group, the program goes into a separate program. The English and Lakota word pairs are randomly displayed on the screen with graphics/colors within the selected word group. The user then has the option of playing the words by clicking a 'speak' button. The Lakota words are 'spoken' by a Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal member.

The main program menu offers the following groups of words & misc.:

  • Animals (buffalo, fox, dog, etc..)
  • Body Parts (hand, leg, foot, etc..)
  • Colors (red, green, yellow, etc..)
  • Draw program to teach the words for colors
  • Family Relatives (mother, father, uncle, etc..)
  • Foods (milk, beef, bread, etc..)
  • Native American type screen saver
  • Numbers (1...10)
  • Shapes (circle, square, triangle, etc..)

Lakota V1.2 is available for download below and is being offered as Freeware as of March 12, 1999. ENJOY!
Min Requirements: 486 IBM/comp, MS Win3.1/95(tm), VGA, & sound card to take advantage of the speak feature {'Lakota' will run w/o sound card- but text only}.

English to Lakota
Lakota to English
Computerized Translation Dictionary

Lakota_Words V2.0

This software program is a computerized translation dictionary that converts over 3300 words from English to Lakota and Lakota to English.
The program also includes an account of the syntax of speaking the Lakota language and a pronunciation guide for each Lakota word that is listed so that the user will be more likely to be able to speak the Lakota word in an acceptable manner.
Also, includes an American Indian screen saver (Rinehart collection)and an on- line registration feature so that you will receive any free updates or revisions to the software.

Lakota_Words V2.0 is available for download below and is being offered as Freeware as of March 21, 1999. Please ENJOY!
Min Requirements: 486 IBM/comp, MS Win95/98orNT, SVGA monitor

Lakota_Kids Play Language Software

For kids and the young at heart!

This Software uses sound files to "speak" the words.

Lakota_Play V1.0

Is a newly (9\30\98) developed computer software program designed to teach simple Lakota words in a playful yet educational way. The program starts with a main menu that gives the user the opportunity to go to the COMBO screen, DRAW screen, JUKE BOX screen, or SAVER screen.
The COMBO part of the program teaches the Lakota, as well as the English words for numbers, colors, animal names as well as animal sounds by the use of graphics, sound files, and an interactive environment.
The DRAW program is designed to teach children computer mouse operation and also the Lakota words for colors by letting the child play by 'painting' a picture by the use of the mouse.
The Juke Box program gives the child the opportunity to play child related songs on this computerized 'Juke Box'.
Also included is a American Indian scene screen saver.

This program puts to use sound files so that the Lakota and/or English words are 'spoken' as well as spelled and written. It has been designed to hold the interest of small children as well as simple operation to encourage computer time (attention span) in an effort to teach Lakota words.

Lakota _Play V1.0 is available for download below and is being offered as Freeware as of March 12, 1999. HAVE FUN!
Min Requirements: 486 IBM/comp, MS Wins 95/98(TM), VGA, sound card & speakers.

American Indian Pictograph/ Petroglyph Writing Software

Picto V1.0

This program, Picto V1.0 was written to help preserve the American Indian culture by giving the user the opportunity to interact with the computer to write his/ her own story using pictures/symbols that were used by Native Americans of long ago. Pictographs or Petroglyphs were the first step in the development of Native language. Picture writing or "rock art" is a mode of expressing thoughts by the use of marks. It is the wish of the programmer to advance the knowledge of Indian customs and traditions by forming a understanding of the drawings that were used by these people.

Picto V1.0 is available as freeware below.
Min Requirements: 486 IBM/comp, MS Win'95(TM), VGA, sound card.

Note:Program speed will vary, relative to computer hardware!

Lakota Language Software
Click on the file to download for free!

Lakota Play V1.0 3,089 KB EXE File
Lakota Text Talkster Setup 7,927 KB EXE File
Lakota Words V2.0 4,546 KB EXE File
Lakota Web Talkster Setup 13,129 KB EXE File
Picto V1.0 3,630 KB EXE File
Rinehart Native American Screensaver 3,115 KB EXE File
Lakota V1.2 4,947 KB EXE File
Lakota Speakster V5.0 16,920 KB EXE File

NOTE:   (If you want to download the language software from this page, and if you have a German version of Windows, three of the programs ( Lakhota Speakster v5.0, Lakota Play V1.0 and Picto V1.0) won't work properly as they will be downloaded to your "Programme" folder, but will look for a folder called "Program Files". In order to make them work, simply create a new folder (with the Windows-Explorer), call it Program Files and move those two programs from the Programme folder to the Program Files folder. /

Drei der Softwear-Programme, die man von dieser Seite herunterladen kann (Lakhota Speakster v5.0, Lakota Play V1.0 und Picto V1.0), funktionieren nicht so wie sie sollten, wenn man eine deutsche Version von Windows benutzt. Im Normalfall befinden sich diese Programme nach dem Download im Ordner "Programme". Sie sind aber so programmiert, dass sie beim Start auf einen Ordner namens Program Files zurückgreifen wollen, welcher natürlich auf deutschen Windows-Versionen nicht existiert. Ich hab ganz einfach im Windows-Explorer einen neuen Ordner mit dem Namen Program Files ertellt und die beiden Programme dorthin verschoben. Dann funktioniert's. - Manuela (Manu) Mueller)

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